Sentry-javascript: Errors reported as '<no message value>'

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So this message is coming from Sentry itself. raven-js isn't sending it. See:

That's the reason why you can't hide it with ignoreErrors.

The issue is why that condition is happening in the first place.

Yes - I've also updated ignoreErrors to ignore errors '' and null, but I'm still getting on the server side. Also, there is no stack trace or location with these errors.It also occurs in IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

I've temporarily made this event public in the interest of solving the mystery:

Please let me know if that helps you in any way - as I'd like to make it private again once you take a look.

I still get tons of these errors. I wish I could ignore them.

Any update on this?

@uglymunkey, check out 03d8925. I haven't been able to actually reproduce this on my own, but we'll see if that works.

cool, thanks.

I've been seeing this in spades lately. I suspected it was because I'm on Sentry 8.4, but RavenJS 1.1.16. I know, I know, I'm working on upgrading! is in 1.1.16 though, so I'm not sure why I'm seeing it.

Whatever the cause, I haven't been able to reproduce it either, but I do have 374k events which I'm happy to share if any further debugging is needed.

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