Pythonturtle: amir says make forum, sounds reasonable

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Cool, created.

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It is very reasonable!

We could add a Gitter chat. That's easy, lightweight and done in a minute.

It's even possible to add the very same chat room as a "sidecar" to the website! :trophy: (see the Chocolatey website for a real-world example)

Nah, I'm not into that so much now. (This ticket is a decade old, like most of the tickets you replied on now.)

I like Gitter a lot, though. It feels very light and it there's a very low barrier for people to join the conversion. Yet still, it seems like chat SPAM is almost non-existent; probably because the audience is really tech-savvy developers.

Take these examples, and make up your mind: (again :smirk:)

  1. Django (high traffic)
  2. LEGO ev3dev (medium traffic)
  3. pyenv (medium-low traffic)
  4. behave BDD (low traffic)
  5. behave-django (even less traffic)

The chat is integrated with GitHub, which makes it easy to refer to issues, PRs and commits.

Some repos add a badge on top of the README to signal that this communication channel is available.

Okay, sounds good, feel free to create one and add that badge if you'd like.

Cool, created.

PR #129 adds a badge to the chat, then we're all set.

If you care about adding the forum also to your website simply add the following code at the end of the document's <body>:

((window.gitter = {}).chat = {}).options = {room: 'PythonTurtle/Lobby'};
<script src="" async defer></script>


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