Ipython: IPython should follow the XDG Base Directory spec for configuration

Created on 10 May 2010  路  3Comments  路  Source: ipython/ipython

Original Launchpad bug 409277: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ipython/+bug/409277
Reported by: bernd-sch (Bernd Schlapsi).

Could IPython please follow the XDG Base Directory Specification for the configuration/data directory on linux.

more infos here:

I am using:
python 2.6.2
ipython 0.9.1
Ubuntu 9.04 with latest updates

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[ LP comment 1 by: Brian Granger, on 2010-01-04 00:34:36.662458+00:00 ]

We definitely need to look at this as we have recently refactored our config system.

use XDG_CONFIG_HOME if available

priority is:

$XDG/ipython if both or neither exist
$HOME/.ipython if it exists and $XDG/ipython does not exist

closed by c1c2a7104aa859c980e0d0506429c0cfab3766ce
closed by c1c2a7104aa859c980e0d0506429c0cfab3766ce

we are reverting this in IPython 2.0 and dropping support for XDG. See PR #4457

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