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Challenge has an issue. Please describe how to reproduce it, and include links to screenshots if possible.

Below is the code for 2 images as requested. 2 of 3 tests pass. The last one says the image URL should be "" as is shown below. The image loads correctly but the test does not pass.
img class="thick-green-border img-responsive" src=""
img class="thick-green-border img-responsive" src=""

--angle tags removed to prevent image loading

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You need to add an s to your http (https:)

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Have you tried to reset the test to and paste it again? it worked on mine.

Thanks @sir-castiq!

Check out the Code Formatting Guide for how to display your code and not have it render the html.

I think your issue is that your first img tag isn't inside the <a> from the previous challenge:

  <a href="#"><img class="smaller-image thick-green-border" src=""></a>
  <img class="thick-green-border img-responsive" src="">

works fine for me.

I'm going to close this but reopen it if you are still having issues.

You need to add an s to your http (https:)

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